Sarah Snook

A junior majoring in Film Studies interested in all forms of art and design.

Bijon Stigger

A junior majoring in Film Production at Oakland University who yearns to work with Ryan Coogler and Michael B. Jordan someday.

Brandon Martinez

A junior from Flint, MI majoring in Film Studies, with a minor in Sociology. Hopes to write a sitcom, stage a musical, and run a production company like Tyler Perry.

Bradley Falk

A senior transfer student majoring in Film Production.

James Navarre

An aspiring writer and film enthusiast majoring in Film Production. Loves inspiring films and wants to help others through entertainment.

Thanks also to the Film Studies and Production Program at Oakland University. Faculty: Andrea Eis, Justin Reifert, Adam Gould, Brendan Kredell, Julia Yezbick, Bridget Kies, and Kyle Edwards.